Baguio-Benguet Tour 2015

Part of our Luzon Escapade 2015 was our tour to the beautiful summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Afternoon on February 21, 2015 (after our Ilocos Norte tour), we went to Baguio via Bus from Laoag City. Travel time from Laoag to Baguio is 5-6hrs and fare is around PHP300-500. We arrived in Baguio at around 9PM. We rode a taxi from the Bus Terminal to The Home Christian Inn.

The Inn is just near the bus terminal so it only costs us around 50-60 pesos. We immediately checked in at the Home Christian Inn. Even if it’s late at night already, they were still able to accommodate us because they have caretaker available at night. Our room has 2 queen-sized beds, one single bed and one double-deck. We have our own CR inside our room with heater. The room is air-conditioned despite of the cold weather.  😅  We rented it for 3 nights that costs us Php8,400 good for 7 persons inclusive of breakfasts, tax and service charge. After checking in, when everything was already settled in our room, we changed clothes because we decided to stroll Baguio. Yes, we need to change outfits because our outfits in Laoag could not manage the cold weather in Baguio. 😅


We stroll a little part of Baguio for 2 hrs. We went to their Night Market where we bought some Jackets, sweaters, scarfs and other stuff to use for the cold weather. There are a lot of things to buy in their Night Market. There are some bargain clothes, bedsheets, blankets, colorful scarfs, cellphone/gadget accessories, shoes, bags and many many more. When you get hungry with your shopping, they also have some street foods and some food stalls there. Even if the night is very late already, there are still a lot of people in the market, which made me think that it’s safe there even if it’s late at night. We went back to The Home Christian Inn at exactly 12mn.
The next day (Feb 22), We woke up at 4am and travelled to Sagada for our Next adventure. To read more about our Sagada Adventure, please click the link below.
From Sagada, we were back in Baguio at around 7pm. We get back to The Home Christian Inn just to freshen up, and then we were heading again to the city to look for food for our dinner and went back to their night market to continue with our shopping. We went back to the inn at 12mn to have some rest.
On February 23, we had our whole day tour to the tourist spots/attractions in Baguio-Benguet. We leave the Home Christian Inn at 8am. We were thinking to rent a PUJ, but a taxi driver with Adventure taxi offered us for PHP1,500 for any destinations that we choose.
Our first stop was in Good Shepherd. Good shepherd is known by its very delicious jams and other Baguio delicacies. It is open from 8am-5pm. We were told to go first to Good Shepherd before heading to our other tour destinations to buy our “pasalubong” for our families and so that we can be sure that there are still many products available for us. It is best to go there in the morning as soon as they’re open because they have so many customers who seem like doing a panic buying everyday. 😅

At Good Shepherd

Below shows Good Shepherd’s products and price list. (pricelist picture not mine) 😀
After buying our goodies from the Good Shepherd, we headed directly to the Wright Park. We just left our goodies inside the taxi that we rented. Good thing, our driver is honest and a very good man. It is in Wright Park where you can see a lot of horses in different colors. I tried the horseback riding for half an hour for 150 pesos. This is the minimum rate and time for horseback riding. You can also rent the horse for 1 hour for Php300. If it’s your first time to ride on a horse like me, do not worry for you can always ask for an assistance from the people in the park or from the horse’s caretaker. I was just riding the horse for about 15minutes. Since I rented it for 30minutes, I let my friends consume the remaining 15 minutes.



After my horseback riding experience, my friends and I headed to the upper part of the park. We climbed their long stairs. I enjoyed counting the steps while doing some picture taking. When we reached the top, you will enjoy yourself to the cold weather with the beautiful sight of their clean and green plaza. Upon stepping the last step of the stairs, the first thing that we saw was a stall for souvenir items like ref magnets, key chains, figurines and many more. Like I always do in every destinations that I’ve been into, I bought ref magnet which has a print of Baguio. They can also write your name and date on it at a free cost.



After The Wright Park, our destination was in the Baguio Botanical Garden. In here, I took a picture of the different kinds of flower which has grown from their well developed and well-maintained gardens. If you want to visit the place, prepare some coins, 10-20 pesos, for entrance fee. Below are some of my pictures taken at the Botanical Garden.
They also have a cave. Inside the cave was like a maze, there are doors/opening everywhere. You can watch our video while we were inside the cave through the link below.


Our next destination was in Bell Church/Chinese Temple. We just spent few minutes in there just to have a photo op. We can’t get inside the temple, so we were just taking pictures outside. Below are some of my pictures at the Chinese Temple premises.
After visiting the temple, we headed to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. We decided to go there during lunch time because we were told that there are some eatery/restaurant near the farm. But when we reached there, eateries/restaurants were closed. So we decided to continue with our tour in the farm, buy some strawberries to take home and we will go somewhere else to have our lunch.
Aside from strolling the whole farm, doing some photo op and looking at those beautiful and big sunflowers that have grown also in the farm, it is also best to do Strawberry Picking activity. Yes, you can pick or harvest your own strawberries. This is a unique experience to the whole family, friends and the whole gang. There is no minimum amount of strawberries for each person. They are just going to weigh all strawberries that you have picked and will charge you for it. You can also buy some strawberries outside the farm. It costs cheaper than picking your own strawberries. Picking your own strawberries costs you higher than buying it in the market, maybe because when you do the harvesting, you might ruin the plants and as far as I know, strawberries are so delicate. We could also think that the mark-up is the cost of your priceless experience in picking fresh strawberries by yourself. 😉

Strawberries at the Market (at the front of the farm)

While strolling the whole strawberry farm under the heat of the sun, an ice cream vendor approached us and invited us to try their special Ice Cream that can only be seen and tasted in Baguio. They say that your visit in Baguio will not be complete without tasting their delicious strawberry ice cream. They are right! You must really try their strawberry ice cream. It’s only in Baguio and I can guarantee you, it’s super delicious! 👍


We were heading to Tam-awan Village from La Trinidad Strawberry farm when we saw a cute restaurant named the Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant. It is near the Tam-Awan Village. We had our lunch in there and rested for awhile while preparing ourselves for our afternoon tour. This restaurant offers affordable and delicious foods. It’s pay as you order basis. They have combo or budget meals in their menu. Below are their list of foods / specialties with prices.
After lunch, we headed to our next stop which is the Tam-awan Village. Before you could enter the village, you’re going to pay PHP50 for the entrance fee. They will give you a ticket which will be presented at the entrance. A man and woman will welcome you at the entrance of the village with their full Igorot Costumes. Strolling the village will let you see and experience an Igorot Culture, from their Igorot Houses, crafts, paintings and even their stories. Below are some of my pictures taken at the Tam-awan Village.
Because of ABS-CBN’s top hit TV series, Forevermore, starred by Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, La Presa is one of the favorite destinations in Benguet by many tourists. Of course, we don’t want to leave Baguio without experiencing and seeing in person the house of Agnes (Liza Soberano) and the whole Sitio La Presa place in Forevermore. La Presa is located at Sitio Pungayan, Benguet. Though, we were not able to meet the cast of Forevermore, because they were in Manila at that time, we are still glad that we’re able to witness the beautiful place of La Presa. Their main way to earn a living there is farming. You can see a lot of vegetables and rice terraces in there. Because of the popularity of the place, many tourists visit the place, people living in there saw a great opportunity of putting up businesses. They put some small stalls or stores in there. They have stalls for souvenir items like keychains, tshirts, scarfs, and many more. They also have stalls for strawberries and other fruits and vegetables found in Benguet. They even have some photo booth with a La Presa Background. Some have German Shepherd dogs that you can take picture with. It would cost you 10-20 pesos per picture per person. For a person who is nature-lover and loves to see the beauty of the world from the top, La Presa is a must-visit place for you. 👌
After our overwhelming experience in La Presa, we go down to the city and continue exploring Baguio City. It was already 5pm in the evening. Our taxi driver dropped us at The Home Christian Inn. We took a break so we can go to restroom, freshen up and to rest our feet for a while which are so tired in walking. When we were ready, we went to Burnham Park.
Burnham Park is situated at the very heart of Baguio City. We tried their rowboats at their man-made river which people named it Burnham Lagoon. We rented the boat for 30 minutes for PHP150, good for 7 presons. Aside from the rowboats, their are other activities that you can do in the park. They have playground for children. You can also do biking around the park. There are some bikes for rent in there.
After our boat ride, we walked from Burnham Park to SM City Baguio. We had our dinner at SM and strolled and had some window shopping at the mall after eating. Then we headed to the Night Market. At 12mn, we went back to the Home Christian Inn.
‘Til our next trip!
Enjoy and have safe trip LOUkwatseras! 😁

White Beach Moalboal, Cebu

White Beach in Moalboal was formerly known as Basdako. From its name itself “White Beach”, it’s a white sand beach. It is a public beach and best for a family/company/barkada beach outing, camping and water activites.

How did we get there?

We took a bus to Moalboal in South Bus Terminal (Bus Route to Barili, Dumanjug, Moalboal). There’s already a bus as early as 6:00AM and buses will leave every 30minutes. Our bus departed from Cebu South Bus Terminal at exactly 7am. Fare from Cebu to Moalboal is PHP107 (ceres bus non-aircon) and travel time is approximately 3-4hrs. There is a bus stop in Barili so passengers can go to the restroom or buy some snacks or water. We arrived in Moalboal Market at 10AM. It is where you’ll take a tricycle/motorcycle going to the White Beach. If you are not so sure on where to drop off, you can always tell the bus driver or the bus ticket man to drop you in Moalboal Market or Moalboal Area where you can find vehicles going to the White beach.

We rode a tricycle from Moalboal market to White beach. Tricycle fare is PHP30 pesos per person and the tricycle could accommodate 5-6persons. But if you are less than 5 persons, I believe you have to pay PHP150 for all the seats of the tricycle. If you are only 2 persons, I suggest you just take a motorcycle. Motorcycle fare is 40pesos per head. So that’s only PHP80 for the two persons and it’s quite cheaper than the PHP150 of having the whole tricycle. But if you have a lot of things, you may take a tricycle. It depends on which way you are comfortable with. 🙂

White beach is about 8kilometers from the main road (Moalboal Market). When you reach Barangay Saavedra, you need to pay 5 pesos entrance fee and another 10pesos entrance fee at White Beach Resort.

We rented a house (Nipa Hut) for an overnight stay at Php3,000 with 2 rooms, 1 big and 1 small room. The small room can accommodate 4-5 persons while the big room can accommodate 8-10 persons. There are electric fans in every room. There is only one CR and you have free 30 gallons of water. Any additional gallons will cost 15 pesos per gallon.

You can bring foods and you can cook there. We brought a rice cooker for our rice. They have grilling station and we just borrowed some cooking stuff like knives and bowls from the owner of the house. If you don’t like to cook, there is no problem since they have a “carenderia” or an eatery right at the back of our house that we rented. They also have a sari-sari store there, so there’s no need to go back to the market just to buy some items.

If you want a camping-like overnight experience at the beach, you can bring your tents or rent a tent there. If you will bring your own tent, you’ll just pay 100 regardless of the size of your tent. You can also rent a tent for 400 good for one to two persons. 500 to 600 pesos for bigger tents. There is a public CR for those who don’t have any rooms with CR. It’s 15 pesos per use with unlimited water (sea water). You may also ask to have fresh water but it’s 15 pesos per gallon.

For me, the best time to enjoy the beach is at around 4PM and up. You can enjoy the beach without suffering from too much heat of the sun (unless you’re fund of sun bathing) plus the place has an amazing view for sun set. It is best to have a beach picture-perfect with the sunset.

At night, we assembled at the beach to have some stargazing, chit chatting, jamming with the guitar, while enjoying the fresh air. I have seen so many people at the beach grouping together and doing different kinds of things. Some were having a sound trip, others were playing cards, some were having story telling, some were busy in picture taking, some were having food trips while others were playing with the sand and water.

On our second day, we woke up at 5AM to have some breakfast and prepare for our island hopping scheduled at 6AM. Moalboal has some water activities to offer such as island hopping, dolphin watching and diving. We rented a boat for island hopping that could accommodate 15-20 persons for PHP3,000.

We visited 3 islands. Sorry, I forgot the names of the islands because I was so scared of the big waves. 😉 For those who do not know how to swim like me, do not worry, you can still enjoy the water because part of the island hopping package are the life vests and goggles. You can enjoy swimming and looking at the fishes and corals under water for 2 hours. 2hours budget time is for the 3 islands already excluding travel time. Just be careful with the jelly fishes. 🙂


We went back to White Beach Moalboal from our island hopping at 11AM. When we arrived at Moalboal, we right away prepared and had our lunch at the house. After lunch, we prepared our things and we’re getting ready to leave. I and my boyfriend leaved The White Beach Resort at 1:15PM. We took a motorcycle in going to the VHire Terminal. It was actually the motorcycle driver’s idea to take Vhire in going to Cebu because it’s quite faster compared to a bus. He was right! Taking a Vhire only took us an hour from Moalboal to Cebu. If it’s traffic (during peak hours/days) I guess it will take you 2 hrs from Moalboal to Cebu. Vhire fare is PHP100, cheaper then the non air-conditioned bus. It’s route is via SRP and it’s drop off point is in Cebu Vhire Terminal beside Cebu City Hall.

Below was our itinerary during our overnight stay in White Beach Moalboal.

Day 1

6-6:15 – Assembly time from Bigfoot Ramos and departure to South Bus Terminal

7am – Departure from South Bus Terminal to MoalBoal

10am – Arrival at Moalboal Market (Went to Market to buy some foods)

11am – Arrive at White Beach Moalboal / prepared Lunch

12:30 – LUNCH

1:30 – Free time

6pm – prepared Dinner

7:30 – Dinner Time

8:30 – Star Gazing at the beach

10:30 – lights off
Day 2

5am – Wake up call

– painit and preparation for island hopping

6am – Departure from MoalBoal White Beach

6am – 11am – Island Hopping for 3 Islands

11am – Back in White Beach

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – preparation for departure – Cebu bound

1:15 – Leave White Beach

1:30 – Arrive at Vhire Terminal Moalboal

2:30 – Arrive at Cebu City Hall (Vhire Terminal)

Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 😁

​Sagada Adventure 2015

“Where do broken hearts go?” This is my favorite line from the Philippine movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” starred by Angelica Panganiban and JM Deguzman. The movie is about a girl (Angelica P.) who got broken hearted and lead herself to Sagada. But why Sagada? Why go to Sagada?

Sagada is one of the top destinations in the Philippines for travelers. If you’re a kind of traveler who’s a nature lover and likes adventure, then Sagada is the best place for you. By looking at the breathtaking view from above the mountain, surely your broken hearts will be healed. The nature scenery will give you comfort and happiness to your hearts.


Part of our Luzon Escapade was our adventure in Sagada. We leaved The Home Christian Inn in Baguio at 4:30am. Sagada is 5-6hr drive from Baguio. We hired a van for our trip to Sagada for PHP6,500. (If using Innova, it’s only 6000). The road is paved but it’s quite scary ‘coz mostly it’s curvy and foggy so your driver must be really that good and must know the road well. But the view is so amazing! You can see a lot of rice/vegetable terraces along the way. The air is quite cold, it feels like winter! 🙂
We arrived in Sagada at around 10-11am. We had our lunch upon arrival and immediately went to their tourists’ information center to book for our adventure package after our lunch. They have lots of adventure packages to choose from. Prices vary from the kind of package you choose. Below picture shows the different tourist destinations in Sagada, Mountain Province.
We chose the short trek good for only 1-2 hrs since we need to go back to Baguio at that day. We were told to leave early (2-4pm) because it’s quite risky if we’ll leave late because the road is so foggy and there’s no lights on the road. Our destinations were the Hanging coffin and a trek in Sumaging Cave. We were given 2 tour guides for our tour. Advised outfit for trekking: slippers or beach sandals (make sure it’s not slippery), light pants/leggings (tho you can still wear shorts but just to protect your legs because there are some crawling along the tour), and a shirt or jersey or a rash guard. Prepare to get wet and don’t bring gadgets unless it’s waterproof.
Our first destination was the hanging coffins. We were showed by our tour guide the view of the cliff and then we go down to the cave to get near to the coffins.
It is an unusual cemetery found at the corner of the Lumiang Burial Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province. It’s scary but quite fascinating to see a pile  of 200 coffins (more or less) at the corner of the cave. It’s been said that coffins are there for about 500 years already and have survived many natural calamities and even man-made disasters.
To get to the hanging coffins, you have to do some trekking. I believe there are two ways: first is to use the way from Sumaguing Cave to the Lumiang Cave. There is a package tour for this trek where you get inside the Sumaguing Cave and will exit at the Lumiang Cave where the hanging coffins were located. The second way, it’s the way we get to the hanging coffin. It’s a direct way to the hanging coffins, directly to the exit of the Lumiang cave.
Below shows our video when we do our trek from hanging coffins to the national road.
Our second destination was the Sumaguing Cave. I should say that it was the main highlight of our Sagada adventure as it is the most difficult and most exciting. It was our first adventure so we were so scared. But, with the help of our tour guides, they helped and assisted us as we do our trekking with some sliding, climbing, crawling and swimming. It was a breath-taking activity, but it was awesome!
Til our next trip!
Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 😁

Luzon Escapade 2015

My Luzon Escapade comprises of my Ilocos trip, Baguio/Benguet tour, and Sagada Adventure.

Last 2014, my highschool friends and I booked a promo airfare of Cebu Pacific Cebu-Manila from Feb 19 to 24, 2015. Tip: Usually, they will have a promo fare on holidays. With that flight schedules that we had, we decided where to go since there are so many destinations to visit when you’re in Manila. We planned a trip to Vigan and visit the beautiful place of Baguio City. At that time, there was this movie entitled “That thing called Tadhana”, which was shot in Sagada. And because we’re so fascinated by its view, we decided to visit also Sagada and tried our best to insert it in our itinerary.
Here’s our 5D-4N itinerary for our Luzon Escapade (Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, Bagiou/Benguet, Sagada Mountain Province)

Feb 19 -(Thursday)

10PM – Departure at Mactan International Airport

11:30pm – Arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3

Feb 20 (Friday)

3:30am – First trip at Cubao – Partas Bus Terminal bound for Vigan, Ilocos Sur

2:30pm – Arrive at Vigan Bus Terminal

3pm – Checked in at Greenrhotel Vigan

4pm – Baluarte

5pm – Vigan Plaza and Calle Crisologo

7pm – dinner and watched Vigan Dancing Fountain Show

End of the day

Feb 21 (Saturday)

5am – Checked out. head to terminal and ride bus bound for Laoag City

8am – Arrived at Laoag and had breakfast

– Meeting Van Driver for Laoag – Pagudpud Tour

*Bacarra Domeless Tower

*Cape Bojeador

*Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

*Bangui Windmills

12nn – Lunch

3pm – Travel from Laoag to Baguio City

9pm – Arrive in Baguio and Check in at The Home Christian Inn

10-12mn – Baguio Night Market

End of day

Feb 22 (Sunday)

4am – Wake up call

5am – Departed Baguio to Sagada

10am – Arrive and Lunch in Sagada

12-2pm – Adventure time in Hanging Coffin and Sumaguing Cave

2pm – Travel from Sagada to Baguio City

7pm – Arrive in Baguio

7-11pm – Strolling Baguio City

End of Day

Feb 23 (Monday)

7am – Wake up call and breakfast at Christian Inn

8am – Start Baguio/Benguet Tour

* Good Shepherd

* Wright Park

* Botanical Garden

* Tam Awan

* La Presa

* Burnham Park

*SM Baguio City

* Baguio Night Market

12mn – Lights off at The Home Christian Inn

Feb 24 (Tuesday)
9AM – Breakfast

11nn – Check Out and head to Bus Terminal

6pm – Arrive in Dao Bus Terminal in Clark

9:05 – Departure Sched

10:25 – Arrive at Mactan International Airport
You may click on below links to read the details of my trips.

Vigan 2015
Ilocos Norte 2015
Baguio Benguet Tour

Sagada Adventure

Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 🤗

Ilocos Norte 2015

We leaved the hotel at 5am to catch up the first bus trip to Laoag. But when we got there at the bus terminal, there’s no bus and if we could wait, we were told that bus will arrive at 6:30am. We needed to be at Laoag by 8am because we’re meeting our Van driver (for the tour). If we’ll wait for 6:30am bus, we can’t make it to Laoag by 8am. Travel time from Vigan to Laoag is 2-3 hrs and bus fare is 25 pesos from Vigan to Laoag. We were told by people in terminal to take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop us at the place where there are Buses bound to Laoag. So we took their advice and arrive in Laoag 8:10am. We were late but our van driver waited for us patiently.

We asked Kuya Driver to have a drive-thru at jolibee since we haven’t taken our breakfast yet. We just ate inside the van while going to our first stop, The Light House. There are some entrance fees to be collected upon arrival in the area of every attractions. Fees ranged from 10-30 pesos per attraction per person.
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

There are so many attractions in Ilocos Norte, but because their attractions are quite far from each other, you cannot visit all of those in just a short span of time. The first attraction that we’ve visited is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. It is a cultural heritage found in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It is also known as the Burgos Lighthouse. The parking area for Vans and Automobiles is quite far from the attraction, so you need to have a little trek before you could reach the light house. After climbing up the stairs and reached the top of the light house, surely you won’t feel tired because of the very beautiful scenery that you can see. It’s like looking the whole South China Sea, feeling the nature while breathing fresh air.


Our second stop was in Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Ever heard of the word “segmentation” in our science class in high school or elementary years? The Kapurpurawan Rock formation is the best example of it. This sand and stones have been naturally processed and formed over time with the aid of the sea, the sea waves, weather and even the gravitational force of earth and time.


Our last stop was in Bangui Windmills. This is my favorite attraction in our Ilocos Norte tour. I’ve been reading about Ilocos’ famous windmills since I was still studying and I can’t believe at that time that I’m really seeing it for real! I was so amazed looking at those “big Electric Fans”, as I call it. 🙂 There are many windmills falling in line at the beach, as if guarding the beach of Ilocos. And at that time, they were adding windmills at the top of the mountain/hill of the area. It was really a dream come true for me and I really can’t contain my happiness while asking the local people there about it, how it’s been done and how did they put it up there and so on. One thing that is on my mind at that time while looking at the windmills is that “the person discovered this thing is such a genius!”.


Suppose to be, we still have our fourth and last stop at Pagudpud, but we decided to be back at Laoag City because we were so afraid that we could not catch up with the 3pm bus going to Baguio City.
We had taken our lunch at Laoag City. Our van driver told us that we should taste their specialties (Ilocos’ foods) before leaving Ilocos. So while waiting for our bus trip, we had our Ilocos foodtrip. From streetfoods to meals. Their foods are so delicious. Our van driver was right, you should not leave Ilocos without trying their foods there. And I must say, it’s really a must to try their specialties! 🙂
There are so many attractions and tourist spots in Ilocos Norte to visit. When you hire a van, you can always discuss the attractions that you want to visit. Below are the contact number of our Van driver and their website in case you want to inquire packages for Ilocos Tour.

F.Sales Mobile number – 09985474900.

Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 🤗

Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise Resort

Imelda Aroma is located at Maca-as, Catmon, Cebu, Phils. It is approximately 50kilometers from Cebu City.
Last Dec 2015, we saw some posts and pictures in facebook about Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise Resort and the place in the picture was quite stunning. So, my family and I decided to have our Christmas outing there.
I made a reservation for December 26 ahead of time. But, when we get there, our room were given to another persons/group. Fortunately, there was one group that was going to check out at that time, so we just waited and the staff let us use their restaurant (as what they call it to a function room).
Their restaurant is not that big. But if you want a close door party (to have some privacy), I believe you can rent their restaurant. They also have a videoke machine in it, 5 pesos per song. But when we were there, the machine was not functioning. And their staff were so busy because they were fully booked at that time so no one was able to entertain our needs for the videoke machine.
I believe they have catering services if you want to order food for your outing/party. But you can bring tour own foods with no corkage.
The room that we rented is just a small air-conditioned room, good for 2 persons. It has a double-sized bed, one CR, and a small veranda with table and chairs. Room’s price for an overnight stay is 1,500. But we were not staying there for an overnight, so we were only charged 800. In our case, they followed the short time charges for the room: 600 for 4hrs use of the room, 800 for 6 hrs and an additional 100 for every exceeding hour.
If you can’t have a room, they also have cottages for rent for 500pesos, tables and chairs for 250 pesos. Tables and chairs can be moved to wherever you want it to position.
Day-use rate of their facilities are the following: 100pesos/head for adult guests and 50 for children ages 3-11 yrs old. Kids below 3 yrs old are free to enter the resort.
The resort has three pools. The first pool is especially made for kids. It is only about 2-3 feet deep and has four slide at the center of it.
The second pool is much bigger and deeper. Its most shallow part is about 3 ft deep while its deepest part is about 6ft deep. It has 2 slides on it. The first slide is not that long, found at the left side of the is connected in one of its kiosk. You have to climb up the stairs and get in that kiosk/cottage before you can slide. When we were there, nobody’s using that slide. I am not sure if it’s under maintenance or people are just too shy to get into the occupied kiosk just to slide. The second slide is the long one. It is connected from the third pool (at the topmost part of the resort) down to the second pool.
My only concern for their slides (all slides from kiddies to adults slides) is that, management should at least do a maintenance check of their slides. They should at least re-paint because most of their slides has some cracks and it could hurt people’s legs when sliding and could even ruin your swimmies’ cloth.
The third pool is found at the mountain part of the resort. It is the free-flowing pool. It’s like a lazy river that surrounds the small house/hut. When you have that great fascination of such beautiful mountain sceneries, this is the right place for you.
If you want to know more or inquire about Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise Resort, or if you want to book your upcoming outings, you may contact their landline ( +63 32 430-9441) or email them at They also have facebook page, link shown below.

I hope you will have a great time in visiting Imelda Aroma as much as we do. Enjoy and most importantly be safe! 😊