Baguio-Benguet Tour 2015

Part of our Luzon Escapade 2015 was our tour to the beautiful summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Afternoon on February 21, 2015 (after our Ilocos Norte tour), we went to Baguio via Bus from Laoag City. Travel time from Laoag to Baguio is 5-6hrs and fare is around PHP300-500. We arrived in Baguio at around 9PM. We rode a taxi from the Bus Terminal to The Home Christian Inn.

The Inn is just near the bus terminal so it only costs us around 50-60 pesos. We immediately checked in at the Home Christian Inn. Even if it’s late at night already, they were still able to accommodate us because they have caretaker available at night. Our room has 2 queen-sized beds, one single bed and one double-deck. We have our own CR inside our room with heater. The room is air-conditioned despite of the cold weather.  😅  We rented it for 3 nights that costs us Php8,400 good for 7 persons inclusive of breakfasts, tax and service charge. After checking in, when everything was already settled in our room, we changed clothes because we decided to stroll Baguio. Yes, we need to change outfits because our outfits in Laoag could not manage the cold weather in Baguio. 😅


We stroll a little part of Baguio for 2 hrs. We went to their Night Market where we bought some Jackets, sweaters, scarfs and other stuff to use for the cold weather. There are a lot of things to buy in their Night Market. There are some bargain clothes, bedsheets, blankets, colorful scarfs, cellphone/gadget accessories, shoes, bags and many many more. When you get hungry with your shopping, they also have some street foods and some food stalls there. Even if the night is very late already, there are still a lot of people in the market, which made me think that it’s safe there even if it’s late at night. We went back to The Home Christian Inn at exactly 12mn.
The next day (Feb 22), We woke up at 4am and travelled to Sagada for our Next adventure. To read more about our Sagada Adventure, please click the link below.
From Sagada, we were back in Baguio at around 7pm. We get back to The Home Christian Inn just to freshen up, and then we were heading again to the city to look for food for our dinner and went back to their night market to continue with our shopping. We went back to the inn at 12mn to have some rest.
On February 23, we had our whole day tour to the tourist spots/attractions in Baguio-Benguet. We leave the Home Christian Inn at 8am. We were thinking to rent a PUJ, but a taxi driver with Adventure taxi offered us for PHP1,500 for any destinations that we choose.
Our first stop was in Good Shepherd. Good shepherd is known by its very delicious jams and other Baguio delicacies. It is open from 8am-5pm. We were told to go first to Good Shepherd before heading to our other tour destinations to buy our “pasalubong” for our families and so that we can be sure that there are still many products available for us. It is best to go there in the morning as soon as they’re open because they have so many customers who seem like doing a panic buying everyday. 😅

At Good Shepherd

Below shows Good Shepherd’s products and price list. (pricelist picture not mine) 😀
After buying our goodies from the Good Shepherd, we headed directly to the Wright Park. We just left our goodies inside the taxi that we rented. Good thing, our driver is honest and a very good man. It is in Wright Park where you can see a lot of horses in different colors. I tried the horseback riding for half an hour for 150 pesos. This is the minimum rate and time for horseback riding. You can also rent the horse for 1 hour for Php300. If it’s your first time to ride on a horse like me, do not worry for you can always ask for an assistance from the people in the park or from the horse’s caretaker. I was just riding the horse for about 15minutes. Since I rented it for 30minutes, I let my friends consume the remaining 15 minutes.



After my horseback riding experience, my friends and I headed to the upper part of the park. We climbed their long stairs. I enjoyed counting the steps while doing some picture taking. When we reached the top, you will enjoy yourself to the cold weather with the beautiful sight of their clean and green plaza. Upon stepping the last step of the stairs, the first thing that we saw was a stall for souvenir items like ref magnets, key chains, figurines and many more. Like I always do in every destinations that I’ve been into, I bought ref magnet which has a print of Baguio. They can also write your name and date on it at a free cost.



After The Wright Park, our destination was in the Baguio Botanical Garden. In here, I took a picture of the different kinds of flower which has grown from their well developed and well-maintained gardens. If you want to visit the place, prepare some coins, 10-20 pesos, for entrance fee. Below are some of my pictures taken at the Botanical Garden.
They also have a cave. Inside the cave was like a maze, there are doors/opening everywhere. You can watch our video while we were inside the cave through the link below.


Our next destination was in Bell Church/Chinese Temple. We just spent few minutes in there just to have a photo op. We can’t get inside the temple, so we were just taking pictures outside. Below are some of my pictures at the Chinese Temple premises.
After visiting the temple, we headed to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. We decided to go there during lunch time because we were told that there are some eatery/restaurant near the farm. But when we reached there, eateries/restaurants were closed. So we decided to continue with our tour in the farm, buy some strawberries to take home and we will go somewhere else to have our lunch.
Aside from strolling the whole farm, doing some photo op and looking at those beautiful and big sunflowers that have grown also in the farm, it is also best to do Strawberry Picking activity. Yes, you can pick or harvest your own strawberries. This is a unique experience to the whole family, friends and the whole gang. There is no minimum amount of strawberries for each person. They are just going to weigh all strawberries that you have picked and will charge you for it. You can also buy some strawberries outside the farm. It costs cheaper than picking your own strawberries. Picking your own strawberries costs you higher than buying it in the market, maybe because when you do the harvesting, you might ruin the plants and as far as I know, strawberries are so delicate. We could also think that the mark-up is the cost of your priceless experience in picking fresh strawberries by yourself. 😉

Strawberries at the Market (at the front of the farm)

While strolling the whole strawberry farm under the heat of the sun, an ice cream vendor approached us and invited us to try their special Ice Cream that can only be seen and tasted in Baguio. They say that your visit in Baguio will not be complete without tasting their delicious strawberry ice cream. They are right! You must really try their strawberry ice cream. It’s only in Baguio and I can guarantee you, it’s super delicious! 👍


We were heading to Tam-awan Village from La Trinidad Strawberry farm when we saw a cute restaurant named the Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant. It is near the Tam-Awan Village. We had our lunch in there and rested for awhile while preparing ourselves for our afternoon tour. This restaurant offers affordable and delicious foods. It’s pay as you order basis. They have combo or budget meals in their menu. Below are their list of foods / specialties with prices.
After lunch, we headed to our next stop which is the Tam-awan Village. Before you could enter the village, you’re going to pay PHP50 for the entrance fee. They will give you a ticket which will be presented at the entrance. A man and woman will welcome you at the entrance of the village with their full Igorot Costumes. Strolling the village will let you see and experience an Igorot Culture, from their Igorot Houses, crafts, paintings and even their stories. Below are some of my pictures taken at the Tam-awan Village.
Because of ABS-CBN’s top hit TV series, Forevermore, starred by Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, La Presa is one of the favorite destinations in Benguet by many tourists. Of course, we don’t want to leave Baguio without experiencing and seeing in person the house of Agnes (Liza Soberano) and the whole Sitio La Presa place in Forevermore. La Presa is located at Sitio Pungayan, Benguet. Though, we were not able to meet the cast of Forevermore, because they were in Manila at that time, we are still glad that we’re able to witness the beautiful place of La Presa. Their main way to earn a living there is farming. You can see a lot of vegetables and rice terraces in there. Because of the popularity of the place, many tourists visit the place, people living in there saw a great opportunity of putting up businesses. They put some small stalls or stores in there. They have stalls for souvenir items like keychains, tshirts, scarfs, and many more. They also have stalls for strawberries and other fruits and vegetables found in Benguet. They even have some photo booth with a La Presa Background. Some have German Shepherd dogs that you can take picture with. It would cost you 10-20 pesos per picture per person. For a person who is nature-lover and loves to see the beauty of the world from the top, La Presa is a must-visit place for you. 👌
After our overwhelming experience in La Presa, we go down to the city and continue exploring Baguio City. It was already 5pm in the evening. Our taxi driver dropped us at The Home Christian Inn. We took a break so we can go to restroom, freshen up and to rest our feet for a while which are so tired in walking. When we were ready, we went to Burnham Park.
Burnham Park is situated at the very heart of Baguio City. We tried their rowboats at their man-made river which people named it Burnham Lagoon. We rented the boat for 30 minutes for PHP150, good for 7 presons. Aside from the rowboats, their are other activities that you can do in the park. They have playground for children. You can also do biking around the park. There are some bikes for rent in there.
After our boat ride, we walked from Burnham Park to SM City Baguio. We had our dinner at SM and strolled and had some window shopping at the mall after eating. Then we headed to the Night Market. At 12mn, we went back to the Home Christian Inn.
‘Til our next trip!
Enjoy and have safe trip LOUkwatseras! 😁

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