White Beach Moalboal, Cebu

White Beach in Moalboal was formerly known as Basdako. From its name itself “White Beach”, it’s a white sand beach. It is a public beach and best for a family/company/barkada beach outing, camping and water activites.

How did we get there?

We took a bus to Moalboal in South Bus Terminal (Bus Route to Barili, Dumanjug, Moalboal). There’s already a bus as early as 6:00AM and buses will leave every 30minutes. Our bus departed from Cebu South Bus Terminal at exactly 7am. Fare from Cebu to Moalboal is PHP107 (ceres bus non-aircon) and travel time is approximately 3-4hrs. There is a bus stop in Barili so passengers can go to the restroom or buy some snacks or water. We arrived in Moalboal Market at 10AM. It is where you’ll take a tricycle/motorcycle going to the White Beach. If you are not so sure on where to drop off, you can always tell the bus driver or the bus ticket man to drop you in Moalboal Market or Moalboal Area where you can find vehicles going to the White beach.

We rode a tricycle from Moalboal market to White beach. Tricycle fare is PHP30 pesos per person and the tricycle could accommodate 5-6persons. But if you are less than 5 persons, I believe you have to pay PHP150 for all the seats of the tricycle. If you are only 2 persons, I suggest you just take a motorcycle. Motorcycle fare is 40pesos per head. So that’s only PHP80 for the two persons and it’s quite cheaper than the PHP150 of having the whole tricycle. But if you have a lot of things, you may take a tricycle. It depends on which way you are comfortable with. 🙂

White beach is about 8kilometers from the main road (Moalboal Market). When you reach Barangay Saavedra, you need to pay 5 pesos entrance fee and another 10pesos entrance fee at White Beach Resort.

We rented a house (Nipa Hut) for an overnight stay at Php3,000 with 2 rooms, 1 big and 1 small room. The small room can accommodate 4-5 persons while the big room can accommodate 8-10 persons. There are electric fans in every room. There is only one CR and you have free 30 gallons of water. Any additional gallons will cost 15 pesos per gallon.

You can bring foods and you can cook there. We brought a rice cooker for our rice. They have grilling station and we just borrowed some cooking stuff like knives and bowls from the owner of the house. If you don’t like to cook, there is no problem since they have a “carenderia” or an eatery right at the back of our house that we rented. They also have a sari-sari store there, so there’s no need to go back to the market just to buy some items.

If you want a camping-like overnight experience at the beach, you can bring your tents or rent a tent there. If you will bring your own tent, you’ll just pay 100 regardless of the size of your tent. You can also rent a tent for 400 good for one to two persons. 500 to 600 pesos for bigger tents. There is a public CR for those who don’t have any rooms with CR. It’s 15 pesos per use with unlimited water (sea water). You may also ask to have fresh water but it’s 15 pesos per gallon.

For me, the best time to enjoy the beach is at around 4PM and up. You can enjoy the beach without suffering from too much heat of the sun (unless you’re fund of sun bathing) plus the place has an amazing view for sun set. It is best to have a beach picture-perfect with the sunset.

At night, we assembled at the beach to have some stargazing, chit chatting, jamming with the guitar, while enjoying the fresh air. I have seen so many people at the beach grouping together and doing different kinds of things. Some were having a sound trip, others were playing cards, some were having story telling, some were busy in picture taking, some were having food trips while others were playing with the sand and water.

On our second day, we woke up at 5AM to have some breakfast and prepare for our island hopping scheduled at 6AM. Moalboal has some water activities to offer such as island hopping, dolphin watching and diving. We rented a boat for island hopping that could accommodate 15-20 persons for PHP3,000.

We visited 3 islands. Sorry, I forgot the names of the islands because I was so scared of the big waves. 😉 For those who do not know how to swim like me, do not worry, you can still enjoy the water because part of the island hopping package are the life vests and goggles. You can enjoy swimming and looking at the fishes and corals under water for 2 hours. 2hours budget time is for the 3 islands already excluding travel time. Just be careful with the jelly fishes. 🙂


We went back to White Beach Moalboal from our island hopping at 11AM. When we arrived at Moalboal, we right away prepared and had our lunch at the house. After lunch, we prepared our things and we’re getting ready to leave. I and my boyfriend leaved The White Beach Resort at 1:15PM. We took a motorcycle in going to the VHire Terminal. It was actually the motorcycle driver’s idea to take Vhire in going to Cebu because it’s quite faster compared to a bus. He was right! Taking a Vhire only took us an hour from Moalboal to Cebu. If it’s traffic (during peak hours/days) I guess it will take you 2 hrs from Moalboal to Cebu. Vhire fare is PHP100, cheaper then the non air-conditioned bus. It’s route is via SRP and it’s drop off point is in Cebu Vhire Terminal beside Cebu City Hall.

Below was our itinerary during our overnight stay in White Beach Moalboal.

Day 1

6-6:15 – Assembly time from Bigfoot Ramos and departure to South Bus Terminal

7am – Departure from South Bus Terminal to MoalBoal

10am – Arrival at Moalboal Market (Went to Market to buy some foods)

11am – Arrive at White Beach Moalboal / prepared Lunch

12:30 – LUNCH

1:30 – Free time

6pm – prepared Dinner

7:30 – Dinner Time

8:30 – Star Gazing at the beach

10:30 – lights off
Day 2

5am – Wake up call

– painit and preparation for island hopping

6am – Departure from MoalBoal White Beach

6am – 11am – Island Hopping for 3 Islands

11am – Back in White Beach

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – preparation for departure – Cebu bound

1:15 – Leave White Beach

1:30 – Arrive at Vhire Terminal Moalboal

2:30 – Arrive at Cebu City Hall (Vhire Terminal)

Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 😁


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