​Sagada Adventure 2015

“Where do broken hearts go?” This is my favorite line from the Philippine movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” starred by Angelica Panganiban and JM Deguzman. The movie is about a girl (Angelica P.) who got broken hearted and lead herself to Sagada. But why Sagada? Why go to Sagada?

Sagada is one of the top destinations in the Philippines for travelers. If you’re a kind of traveler who’s a nature lover and likes adventure, then Sagada is the best place for you. By looking at the breathtaking view from above the mountain, surely your broken hearts will be healed. The nature scenery will give you comfort and happiness to your hearts.


Part of our Luzon Escapade was our adventure in Sagada. We leaved The Home Christian Inn in Baguio at 4:30am. Sagada is 5-6hr drive from Baguio. We hired a van for our trip to Sagada for PHP6,500. (If using Innova, it’s only 6000). The road is paved but it’s quite scary ‘coz mostly it’s curvy and foggy so your driver must be really that good and must know the road well. But the view is so amazing! You can see a lot of rice/vegetable terraces along the way. The air is quite cold, it feels like winter! 🙂
We arrived in Sagada at around 10-11am. We had our lunch upon arrival and immediately went to their tourists’ information center to book for our adventure package after our lunch. They have lots of adventure packages to choose from. Prices vary from the kind of package you choose. Below picture shows the different tourist destinations in Sagada, Mountain Province.
We chose the short trek good for only 1-2 hrs since we need to go back to Baguio at that day. We were told to leave early (2-4pm) because it’s quite risky if we’ll leave late because the road is so foggy and there’s no lights on the road. Our destinations were the Hanging coffin and a trek in Sumaging Cave. We were given 2 tour guides for our tour. Advised outfit for trekking: slippers or beach sandals (make sure it’s not slippery), light pants/leggings (tho you can still wear shorts but just to protect your legs because there are some crawling along the tour), and a shirt or jersey or a rash guard. Prepare to get wet and don’t bring gadgets unless it’s waterproof.
Our first destination was the hanging coffins. We were showed by our tour guide the view of the cliff and then we go down to the cave to get near to the coffins.
It is an unusual cemetery found at the corner of the Lumiang Burial Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province. It’s scary but quite fascinating to see a pile  of 200 coffins (more or less) at the corner of the cave. It’s been said that coffins are there for about 500 years already and have survived many natural calamities and even man-made disasters.
To get to the hanging coffins, you have to do some trekking. I believe there are two ways: first is to use the way from Sumaguing Cave to the Lumiang Cave. There is a package tour for this trek where you get inside the Sumaguing Cave and will exit at the Lumiang Cave where the hanging coffins were located. The second way, it’s the way we get to the hanging coffin. It’s a direct way to the hanging coffins, directly to the exit of the Lumiang cave.
Below shows our video when we do our trek from hanging coffins to the national road.
Our second destination was the Sumaguing Cave. I should say that it was the main highlight of our Sagada adventure as it is the most difficult and most exciting. It was our first adventure so we were so scared. But, with the help of our tour guides, they helped and assisted us as we do our trekking with some sliding, climbing, crawling and swimming. It was a breath-taking activity, but it was awesome!
Til our next trip!
Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 😁

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