Ilocos Norte 2015

We leaved the hotel at 5am to catch up the first bus trip to Laoag. But when we got there at the bus terminal, there’s no bus and if we could wait, we were told that bus will arrive at 6:30am. We needed to be at Laoag by 8am because we’re meeting our Van driver (for the tour). If we’ll wait for 6:30am bus, we can’t make it to Laoag by 8am. Travel time from Vigan to Laoag is 2-3 hrs and bus fare is 25 pesos from Vigan to Laoag. We were told by people in terminal to take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop us at the place where there are Buses bound to Laoag. So we took their advice and arrive in Laoag 8:10am. We were late but our van driver waited for us patiently.

We asked Kuya Driver to have a drive-thru at jolibee since we haven’t taken our breakfast yet. We just ate inside the van while going to our first stop, The Light House. There are some entrance fees to be collected upon arrival in the area of every attractions. Fees ranged from 10-30 pesos per attraction per person.
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

There are so many attractions in Ilocos Norte, but because their attractions are quite far from each other, you cannot visit all of those in just a short span of time. The first attraction that we’ve visited is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. It is a cultural heritage found in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It is also known as the Burgos Lighthouse. The parking area for Vans and Automobiles is quite far from the attraction, so you need to have a little trek before you could reach the light house. After climbing up the stairs and reached the top of the light house, surely you won’t feel tired because of the very beautiful scenery that you can see. It’s like looking the whole South China Sea, feeling the nature while breathing fresh air.


Our second stop was in Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Ever heard of the word “segmentation” in our science class in high school or elementary years? The Kapurpurawan Rock formation is the best example of it. This sand and stones have been naturally processed and formed over time with the aid of the sea, the sea waves, weather and even the gravitational force of earth and time.


Our last stop was in Bangui Windmills. This is my favorite attraction in our Ilocos Norte tour. I’ve been reading about Ilocos’ famous windmills since I was still studying and I can’t believe at that time that I’m really seeing it for real! I was so amazed looking at those “big Electric Fans”, as I call it. 🙂 There are many windmills falling in line at the beach, as if guarding the beach of Ilocos. And at that time, they were adding windmills at the top of the mountain/hill of the area. It was really a dream come true for me and I really can’t contain my happiness while asking the local people there about it, how it’s been done and how did they put it up there and so on. One thing that is on my mind at that time while looking at the windmills is that “the person discovered this thing is such a genius!”.


Suppose to be, we still have our fourth and last stop at Pagudpud, but we decided to be back at Laoag City because we were so afraid that we could not catch up with the 3pm bus going to Baguio City.
We had taken our lunch at Laoag City. Our van driver told us that we should taste their specialties (Ilocos’ foods) before leaving Ilocos. So while waiting for our bus trip, we had our Ilocos foodtrip. From streetfoods to meals. Their foods are so delicious. Our van driver was right, you should not leave Ilocos without trying their foods there. And I must say, it’s really a must to try their specialties! 🙂
There are so many attractions and tourist spots in Ilocos Norte to visit. When you hire a van, you can always discuss the attractions that you want to visit. Below are the contact number of our Van driver and their website in case you want to inquire packages for Ilocos Tour.

F.Sales Mobile number – 09985474900.

Enjoy and have a safe trip LOUkwatseras! 🤗


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