Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise Resort

Imelda Aroma is located at Maca-as, Catmon, Cebu, Phils. It is approximately 50kilometers from Cebu City.
Last Dec 2015, we saw some posts and pictures in facebook about Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise Resort and the place in the picture was quite stunning. So, my family and I decided to have our Christmas outing there.
I made a reservation for December 26 ahead of time. But, when we get there, our room were given to another persons/group. Fortunately, there was one group that was going to check out at that time, so we just waited and the staff let us use their restaurant (as what they call it to a function room).
Their restaurant is not that big. But if you want a close door party (to have some privacy), I believe you can rent their restaurant. They also have a videoke machine in it, 5 pesos per song. But when we were there, the machine was not functioning. And their staff were so busy because they were fully booked at that time so no one was able to entertain our needs for the videoke machine.
I believe they have catering services if you want to order food for your outing/party. But you can bring tour own foods with no corkage.
The room that we rented is just a small air-conditioned room, good for 2 persons. It has a double-sized bed, one CR, and a small veranda with table and chairs. Room’s price for an overnight stay is 1,500. But we were not staying there for an overnight, so we were only charged 800. In our case, they followed the short time charges for the room: 600 for 4hrs use of the room, 800 for 6 hrs and an additional 100 for every exceeding hour.
If you can’t have a room, they also have cottages for rent for 500pesos, tables and chairs for 250 pesos. Tables and chairs can be moved to wherever you want it to position.
Day-use rate of their facilities are the following: 100pesos/head for adult guests and 50 for children ages 3-11 yrs old. Kids below 3 yrs old are free to enter the resort.
The resort has three pools. The first pool is especially made for kids. It is only about 2-3 feet deep and has four slide at the center of it.
The second pool is much bigger and deeper. Its most shallow part is about 3 ft deep while its deepest part is about 6ft deep. It has 2 slides on it. The first slide is not that long, found at the left side of the is connected in one of its kiosk. You have to climb up the stairs and get in that kiosk/cottage before you can slide. When we were there, nobody’s using that slide. I am not sure if it’s under maintenance or people are just too shy to get into the occupied kiosk just to slide. The second slide is the long one. It is connected from the third pool (at the topmost part of the resort) down to the second pool.
My only concern for their slides (all slides from kiddies to adults slides) is that, management should at least do a maintenance check of their slides. They should at least re-paint because most of their slides has some cracks and it could hurt people’s legs when sliding and could even ruin your swimmies’ cloth.
The third pool is found at the mountain part of the resort. It is the free-flowing pool. It’s like a lazy river that surrounds the small house/hut. When you have that great fascination of such beautiful mountain sceneries, this is the right place for you.
If you want to know more or inquire about Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise Resort, or if you want to book your upcoming outings, you may contact their landline ( +63 32 430-9441) or email them at They also have facebook page, link shown below.

I hope you will have a great time in visiting Imelda Aroma as much as we do. Enjoy and most importantly be safe! 😊

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